Sunday Funday: Week 11 Review

I’m feeling pretty good as week 11 wraps up.  I’ve managed — with the help of my LE coach — to talk myself off the “NO CARBS EVER AGAIN!” ledge back into the real world where carbs not only exist, but I get to eat them. 

Clarke and his favorite human

In other news, my roommate is officially back living at my house.  It’s been nice having her around — she’s definitely Clarke’s very favorite person in the whole world so he sleeps in her bed instead of mine (so I sleep MUCH better!) — and she’s been really good about keeping her less-than-healthy food in places where I don’t see it.  She’s one of those kinds of people who can eat whatever she wants and still stays in awesome shape.  I’m waiting for the day when she gets old and it all catches up with her … I’ll enjoy laughing at her. Yea, that’s the kind of friend I am. 

And onto my Cliff Note’s version of week 11:

The scale is starting to be a little more kind to me — I think not weighing myself at all during the week is paying off because it forces me to keep making good, healthy decisions because I can’t take the chance at ruining what might be only small gains.  Measurement-wise, things mostly stayed the same, but I’m not worried about that.  That’ll follow soon enough.  What I really can’t wait for?  When my Getting-Fat jeans are once again comfortable to wear.  Getting there…

Still rockin’ the workouts.  I don’t always like making time for it, but I feel so damn good after finishing something up. I’ve said this before, but I had forgotten how empowering exercise can be.  With the new Phase 3 workouts, I find myself wishing that I had side planks to do … they would be much easier than the Stability Ball Plank Roll Outs that are now a part of the routine.  OUCH.  Just saying (I know the video doesn’t make it look difficult, but try it… you’ll see it my way).  Aside from that, I’m running 3 times a week or so (two are shorter, faster interval runs and one is a longer, very slow slog just to get myself used to more mileage) and enjoying it as well.


So – the whole “make smart carb choices” habit.  I freaked out a little bit at the outset of this, but have calmed down a bunch since then. As I was told, no carbs are bad or good, just better or worse.  And it’s a matter of looking at what I’m currently eating and trying to make things a little better, one small step at a time.  I’ve also learned over the course of this week that I’m someone who needs carbs.  When I eat only lean protein and vegetables (even generous portions of those), I’m hungry about 90 minutes later, which isn’t good.  It’s all a learning process, one big experiment to find out how my body works best.

Habit Log:
Weeks 1-2: Fish oil and probiotic
Weeks 3-4: Eating slowly
Weeks 5-6: Stop eating at 80% full
Weeks 7-8: Lean protein with every meal
Weeks 9-10: 5 servings of vegetables a day

Week 11:  Make smart carb choices

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