One of the lessons this past week introduced the idea of The 3 S’s to success (see what I did there in the post title? Tricky, tricky…):  Structure, Systems, Scheduling.

Structure:  this is all about setting up my environment so that it’s easier to be successful.  It’s having a pantry and refrigerator full of healthy food, leaving the cookies and ice cream at the grocery store where they belong.  It’s making sure that my basement gym is stocked with the equipment I need to do my workouts.  It’s taking the cell phone away from the dogs so they don’t go ordering pizza like they do when they get the munchies late at night.  I want to make sure that everything around me supports my goals.

Systems:  let’s talk processes!  What do I need to do to ensure my success?  For me, I know that my nutrition success depends on doing food prep on the weekend.  I know myself well enough to understand that even if I did end up with down time during the week, the last thing I’m going to do with it is stand in the kitchen and chop and cook stuff for later.  I’ve stopped trying to change that about myself because I know that relaxing is a bigger priority for me.  My process for workouts?  I try to not allow myself to sit down when I get home.  Walk in the door, keep the dogs caged, change into workout clothes and get it done.  The couch will suck me in if given half a chance.

Scheduling:  pretty self explanatory, yes?  And this so important — I knew it before and now have an even deeper appreciation for it.  I don’t worry so much about workouts — those usually lay themselves out without me trying too hard (that’s the advantage of being single with no kids!).  But meals need to be planned, otherwise I end up eating chips and guacamole for dinner.  I’ve done a much better job at that this week — a big batch of salad has been a light, easy, already-made dinner for me.  And it’s a lot less stressful — since I already have enough stress going on right now — to not to have to think and decide what I’m going to eat.

I have to say, I don’t always agree with everything the LE assignments have to say, but this one is absolutely spot-on for me.  And it’s like these lessons are sometimes a little psychic — this was just what I needed to read this week. Success shouldn’t be a matter of willpower, instead it should be doing a lot of little things that help in making the healthy decisions easy when the time comes.

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