I’ve decided that a little external motivation might be just what I need. As I’ve mentioned the last few times I’ve been around these parts, my workouts have fluctuated between utterly inconsistent to utterly non-existent, and while I’m feeling better about getting back on track, I thought that dangling a carrot in front of me might do the trick (a metaphorical carrot, of course … though, if you tossed in some hummus, I’d be okay with literal carrots, too).

So, here’s the deal:  if I complete a month’s worth of LE workouts, I get to splurge and get the dual monitor setup for my laptop that I’ve really been lusting after (but I don’t need, so I haven’t been able to justify the cost).

The rules I’m following are pretty straightforward:

  1. A week of LE workouts = 3 strength training, 2 interval, 1 active recovery.
  2. Specific LE strength training workout requirement can be met with a trainer beatdown session.
  3. A month = 4 weeks.
  4. I’m allowed to double-up workouts, i.e. I can do a strength and interval workout on the same day to cover two days of workouts (but I can’t do two strength training workouts or two interval workouts in the same day).
  5. If Sunday passes and I haven’t completed the 6 workouts, the whole thing starts over again at square one.
I started yesterday, and so far I’m on schedule — two for two on the workouts. WOOT!  Yesterday I kicked my own ass in the basement torture workout room and today I went out and enjoyed the 49* windy day and did my intervals in the middle of running a few miles. The plan is that by April 13th I’ll have my workouts down to an unthinking habit and that two monitors will be hurtling their way towards my house.

Oh, and yes — I’m already sore.  But it’s an “I’m getting dual monitors!” kind of sore, so it’s all good.

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