Sticker mania

Just in case you were wondering about the status of my 4-week, can’t-miss-a-workout challenge to myself, it’s going great, thanks.  So far I’m two weeks in and still on track to meet my goal and gift myself dual computer monitors. I’m even being smart about planning workouts around days when I know I’ll be too lazy to fit something in.  Impressive, I know.

Now here’s my confession:  I’ve started using a motivational tool that I’m a little embarrassed about…

And yes, that’s me there on the 3rd.  My birthday.  This calendar is my sister’s creation and she
was nice enough to note my age (even though she didn’t do that FOR ANYONE ELSE IN THE
ENTIRE CALENDAR). Still, isn’t it pretty?  And luckily on the 3rd I was still in a walking
boot so I didn’t have to put a sticker over my face.  Though that’d be kind of funny…

Yup, stickers.  I feel a little like I’m back in 3rd grade when stickers were THE COOLEST THING EVER and if I wasn’t spending my money on candy, I was spending it on stickers.  I even kept them all in an album for safekeeping and easy perusal (yes, I was/is a geek).

So, yea, each day that I complete a workout, I get to put a sticker on that day.  Note that Sundays are typically days off for me, so the empty 23rd and 30th are totally legit, just so’s ya know.  And this really does motivate me!  I love seeing the pretty colors and it’s a little pressure to get the workout in so I don’t have a lonely, blank day (that screams “FAILURE!!” and “YOU SUCK!”) in the middle of my week.

I’m telling you — it works.  Give it a try!  Just make sure you get cool stickers.

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