Just a short note so y’all don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you… I’m back from vacation and still trying to adjust to the re-entry shock. Work tomorrow is not going to help, just sayin’.

The trip was fabulous.  The Canadian Rockies are absolutely stunning and the trip guides seemed to know all the best spots in which to take us.  Every day I thought, “Well, there can’t possibly be anything more beautiful than THIS spot…” and of course, the next day came around and I was proven wrong, time and again.

The new habit we started this past week was eating slowly — an oldie but goody.  Over vacation, eating slowly wasn’t too much of a problem because I was either chatting with someone, or gaping at the beautiful scenery too much to remember to eat. But now, it’ll be more difficult as the rush rush rush pace picks up again.

More later on the vacation as well as how PN is going.  In the meantime, a few photos to give you a taste of what I enjoyed for a week:

View from the campground

Lake Annette

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