My Christmas List

For those of you who want to start shopping for your friendly, neighborhood blogger, here are some ideas to get you started:

What I Want For Christmas… The Top 10 List…

  1. The ability to shut my inner voice off during long runs.  If I have to hear that whiny “… but I don’t WANT to…” with every step after 12 miles, I’m going to hurt someone.
  2. A new bike.  One that makes me FAST.  You know, without me having to work at it.
  3. A new season of Dancing With The Stars!  Okay, I’ve said it… I’ve outted myself… I LOVE this show. Drama! Injuries! Dancing! Sequins! All rolled into one big Tom Bergeron wisecrack lovefest.
  4. Unlimited vacation time.  But not in a got-fired-for-spending-too-much-time-online kind of way. Mucho vacation time + weekly paycheck = what I want.
  5. Ice cream.  In some ways, I’m so easy to please.
  6. A high-powered metabolism to match my extraordinary appetite, so that “off-season weight” just means that I’m strength training through the winter.
  7. A love for swimming.  No matter how hard I try, I’ve only been able to muster an “eh, it’s fine as long as it’s warm outside and I’m floating around with a drink in my hand” kind of liking for it.
  8. Warm weather.  ‘Nuf said.
  9. An iPod with psychic ability.  Volume up!  Next song!  Play only this artist!  All done with the power of my mind.  I mean, really – how cool would that be?  Steve Jobs?  Did you hear me?  No?  Let me think a little harder then…
  10. World peace.  Too much to ask for?
So, in the event that you want to make my day and get me something from my list, I can assure that I’ve been a very good girl.  In fact, the rumor going around is that I’ve cracked the top 10 on Santa’s Nice List every year since 1977 (of course, that’s all very highly-guarded information, so I can’t reveal my sources).  Go on, now – get shopping.  You know you want to.

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