Clarke the calorie counter

Clarke trying to hide under the bed
and not quite succeeding…

He looks completely innocent, doesn’t he?

Clarke probably thought he was doing me a favor: as I rushed to get my storm-hating dog Belle out for a quick walk before the rain hit, Clarke got out of his cage (I had not locked it down like I should have) and helped himself to half of my Jimmy Johns roast beef sandwich.

As soon as I walked back in the house, he looked at me and went directly to his cage.  He knew.

I had been out running some errands and let myself get really hungry, which is why I opted to pick up Jimmy Johns — I just didn’t feel like cooking up something once I got home. In the back of the mind, I knew I’d have to be careful, though — be mindful to not inhale it just because I hadn’t eaten in 6 hours or so and my stomach felt like it was starting to digest itself.

But I was looking forward to the challenge of being in a position of having to really eat slowly and pay attention! Bring it on!

Clarke, on the other hand, probably thought I wasn’t up for it and took it upon himself to help me out. He’s always looking out for me like that.  And he did leave me all the vegetables, so there’s that.  Oh, and about half a sandwich worth of meat and cheese. 

Clarke did portion control for me.  Gooood doooog.  If only I could teach him to do laundry and take out the garbage…

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