New Habit Monday: Plan meals

It’s like LE was reading my mind:  the new habit for the next two weeks is to start planning out meals to increase your chances of success.  

Funny, I was just saying that (like, in my post yesterday)!  

I always have a fuzzy idea of what I’m going to be eating, but never really plan it out and then I get all lazy and don’t cook when I fuzzily think I’m supposed to. The idea is that by thinking ahead and making sure the food I need is available, and doing as much prep work as possible that I’ll be less tempted to make bad decisions on a whim.  That makes is sound simple, doesn’t it?

At work this is much easier because there’s no going out for lunch — not only do I only get 30 minutes, but getting on/off the mill site where my office is would take about 10 of those minutes, and then outside the mill is … lovely Gary, IN, a place that I don’t really want to be wandering around in.  So – it’s all eat-in.  I bring my breakfast, morning snack (if needed), lunch and afternoon snack.  After that, though, it’s a bit of a crapshoot. 

I always have stuff in the house to make, but I am SO DAMN LAZY.  If it takes more than 3 minutes to put together, I would rather go hungry (or snack on other things).  I will say that having my roommate back around again is good for me, though — with someone else to eat with, I’m more likely to throw something together.

So, like tonight:  I could have made chicken and veggies (it’s all waiting for me in the refrigerator), but instead I’m getting a chicken chopped salad (hold the dressing, please!) from Portillo’s. Is this dinner completely unhealthy?  No. But would I be better eating something I made myself?  Um, yea, probably. 

My next step:  take an inventory of my refrigerator, get a list of the foods that I bought over the weekend, and then plan out when I’m going to eat them. Write it down. Post it somewhere I have to look at it constantly. Oh, and then follow through. I guess that part’s a little important, eh?

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