I missed New Habit Monday

Of course, for awhile now it hasn’t really been “new” habit Monday — it’s been a rehash of habits from the days of yore. This week it’s all about being smart with carb intake — both amount and type, with an emphasis on honing in on what really works for me as an individual.

This is easy for me; I figured out awhile ago that I don’t do well on a typical low-carb diet. When I have a dinner of only vegetables and lean protein, about 45 minutes later all I want to do is eat eat eat (and not vegetables and lean protein, either). By tossing some quinoa, a sweet potato or wild rice into the mix, I find that I’m far more satiated than I otherwise would have been. The issue for me is not overdoing it — I don’t need heaping portions of it, just enough to take the edge off, ya know?

On another note entirely, one of my friends today posted on Facebook on how she had looked back at her BT log on this same day the past few years (beginnertriathlete.com … remember, that’s my virtual hangout despite the fact that I don’t actually do triathlons anymore) .  This got me to thinking, and so I took a trip through the way-back machine as well (I love that I’ve had an online home now for about 9 years … all that history…also makes me appreciate how I can write on and on about myself).

And you know what? Not last year, but every year before that I was working out and in shape and so utterly unappreciative of the motivation I had to get things done. I took it as a matter of fact that I would be running or biking or strength training or doing something active for an hour or more most days of the week — being lazy never involved not working out for a full week, it was more like taking 2 days off. Now that I’m out of shape and fighting injury, I realize how much I took for granted. It’s going to take me a long while to work my way back there — and it’s made me regret (even more – still – again) getting to the point where I am now. 

And this was an easy workout for a Saturday
because I was racing the next day. That’s something
else I used to do — I used to race. I miss that.

Reading about the nonchalant “went out and did an easy 6.5 miles today” or “up before work to get a quick bike spin out of the way” makes me want to be that person again (I still have no desire to swim, though – that will never change, I don’t think! Brrr… cold water… hate it…). I feel like somehow I’ve lost part of my identity the last year or so and I really need to get it back.

And I know how to do it. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. The hardest part is starting … after that, it’s simply moving forward just a little bit every day. Reading about my recent-past escapades drove home how much I like myself when I’m able to take working out for granted.

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