Sunday Funday: Week 32 Review

Still studying. Another week and then I’ll finally be done and FREE. I won’t know what to do with myself (other than not having any excuses left for not working out…).

It’s been a better week than the previous. All the junk food was finally out the house and so even though I wanted to snack constantly, there wasn’t anything to tempt me. See how that works?


Everything’s headed back down, which is nice. Seems that a modicum of restraint can work wonders. I still have a ways to go until I’m back where I left off a few weeks ago, but I’m getting there.


I did one! But – yes – just one. Better than nothing, right? This coming week will probably be a little light as well due to the whole study study study thing, but I’m no longer using my foot as an excuse. For the supposed stress fracture in my foot, I’ll get the MRI results and diagnosis on Monday and as long as the doctor comes back with nothing concrete, I’m going to just ignore it until it gets worse. Possibly not my smartest decision, but I’m sick of babying something that has no diagnosis and has never hurt all that bad.


Rehasing old habits — this week was taking a close look at carb intake (and types of carbs) and see whether my current habit needs any tweaking. Basically, when I’m on point with my nutrition, I think I’ve hit a sweet spot — correct portion sizes of steel cut oats, potatoes, good-for-me grains make my engine happy.

Intermittent Fasting

Started this up again and it’s been good, though difficult. Once I got past the first few days it got easier, but it’s always a little unsettling to be hungry in the morning and not eat something immediately to satisfy the urge.

Habit Log

Weeks 1-2: Fish oil and probiotic
Weeks 3-4: Eating slowly
Weeks 5-6: Stop eating at 80% full
Weeks 7-8: Lean protein with every meal
Weeks 9-10: 5 servings of vegetables a day
Weeks 11-12: Make smart carb choices
Weeks 13-14: Plan Meals
Weeks 15-16: Log all food
Weeks 17-18: Create a sleep ritual
Weeks 19-20: Drink only zero calorie beverages
Weeks 21-22: Use targeted recovery strategies
Weeks 23-24: Eat only whole foods
Week 25: No new habits (work on the previous ones)
Weeks 26-27: A little more, a little better
Weeks 28-29: Lean protein and vegetables with every meal
Weeks 30-31: Stop eating at 80% full (an encore presentation)

Week 32: Modify carb intake

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