August? Already?

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but it seems that the summer is two-thirds of the way over already. June took awhile to come and go, but July, well, WHOOSH! is the best way to describe it.

PN coaching has been going well so far.  We’re just starting to get into the swing of things, starting to meet other teammates and figuring out how to maneuver the website.  We haven’t even done our initial measurements and photos yet — that’s this weekend.  It seems kind of weird to wait two weeks to do this, but I think that perhaps it’s not a bad idea — it reinforces the idea that this program isn’t about numbers (though that’s one of the ways we track progress), but rather putting together a sustainable lifestyle.

Of course, I’ll be doing my first weigh-in and measurements and then heading out on vacation for a week.  Yay! Luckily I’m headed to the Canadian Rockies and with any luck, the hiking and other activity will counteract all the good food.  It could happen, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Can’t wait for this vacation … despite living in the desperately-flat city of Chicago, I’m a mountain girl at heart. Really, there isn’t anything I like better than to head out to the woods and hike up until I have a view of what feels like the entire country. Of course, since I’m not in the best of shape, my heart just might beat out of my chest while attempting this — and it’s not like there’s any oxygen at those altitudes (“… there’s just no air here…”).  Sounds like a great combination, no?  I might have to befriend a bear or moose to carry me back down the mountain to my tent. The animals out there are like the ones in The Jungle Book, right?

Back to PN, there have been some really good foundational lessons these past two weeks. Some new, some reruns from last year, but the program just kind of feels better this year. Maybe it’s the changes they’ve made, maybe it’s that I’m in a different headspace. Or perhaps I’m officially PN-brainwashed. Who knows?

Remember my workout stickers? Still loving
the whole shindig. And look at that consistency!
(and yes, Julie, I worked out on your anniversary
but was nice enough not to sticker you guys)

There are two concepts that have shown up in the lessons more than once:  the idea of progress over perfection, and that consistency is the key to everything.  And to that, I say: YES. As always, be a little better today than yesterday.  And then keep doing that today, tomorrow, the next day and so on.  It’s all so simple.  Not easy, mind you, but simple. I think I like to complicate this stuff, but it really does come down to being mindful and making better decisions than I used to, little by little.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that I really need to work on this year, the things that I didn’t manage to get a handle on last year, and there are definitely one or two items on that list.  More on that later, promise.

And on that note, it’s time to go pack but still try to hide from the dogs that I’m going to be leaving them.  Of course, they like my roommate better anyway, so it’s possible that they won’t even notice that I’m gone.  Damn dogs.  They’re lucky they’re cute.

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