Little victories

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference, right?  I mean, the LE program is built upon that premise — that’s why we take on only one new habit every 2 weeks.  Small changes done consistently can bring about big transformations.

This morning I woke up absolutely FAMISHED. My stomach was growling so loudly that even the dogs were kept from getting their last 20 minutes of sleep before I forced them outside for a walk. And what was I famished for?  Donuts. Doooonnnuuuuuuts.  MMMM.

I thought about the donuts while showering.  I imagined the chocolate frosting while getting dressed.  I walked the dogs and had visions of sprinkles dancing in my head.

Now, my usual modus operandi would be to swing in to the oasis off I-80/294 and take a run through the Mobil gas station to hit up their donuts.  But today?  I thought about how I knew I’d be weighing in on Saturday.  I thought about how I didn’t need it.  I thought about how it didn’t support my long term goals.  And amazingly, I drove right on by.  Go, me!

And a second small victory today:  I had made plans to go shopping with my Mom after work.  I told her I’d be around after going home to take care of the dogs, figuring that I’d just put my workout off until I got home afterwards.  Yea, right.  When was the last time I actually followed through on that kind of plan?  Let’s just say there’s a lot of calendar between then and now.

Right then I decided — rather uncharacteristically, I’ll add — that I was instead going to be the type of person who made time for workouts. Different concept, eh?  I emailed my Mom, told her I’d be around a little bit later, and sneaked in the workout in between work and shopping. Again – go, me!

Thing is, I used to be that type of person.  The one who annoyed my friends because I always made plans around my workouts and training runs. I ran 4-5 days a week, rode my bike a few times a week, strength trained a few times a week.  And didn’t think twice about it – it was just what I did.  All I know is, I want that back. 

And now, I’m confident I’ll be that girl once again.  It’ll take a little time and a string of these small victories over the course of the next year, but I’ll get there.

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