Sunday Funday: Week 3 Review

Another week in the books!  And look at all those green checks/gold stars!  I’m racking them up, even though things have gotten a little more difficult.

So – the roundup for the week:

Another measurement Saturday has come and gone.  Again – just scale and tape measure.  And the only movement I’m seeing is up — on the scale, at least.  Measurements have mostly stayed the same. I’m not too worried about this, though, since mother nature has wrecked havoc with my hormones this week.  Nothing better than having to do measurements while feeling like I’m bloated up to the size of the Goodyear Blimp.

Go, me!  Hit every one and am enjoying them.  I’ve got that smallest flicker of who I used to be emerging — the person that likes working out, likes getting sweaty, likes feeling sore the next day.  I think that how I’ve been eased into it has really made the difference.

The new habit for the week was start eating more slowly.  Talk about a challenge! I’ve spent so much of my life thinking of eating as something to “win” at that this requires a whole bunch of concentration to accomplish.  A few things I noticed over the week:  food that I thought that I liked, once I slowed down and really tasted it, I wasn’t so thrilled with it (Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Mac ‘n’ Cheese, I’m looking at you).  Also, just like they say, the slower I eat, the fuller I get, the less I eat.  I can see why this is one of PN’s cornerstone habits.

Overall, it was a good, if slightly frustrating, week.  I’m getting better at being mindful of how quickly or slowly I’m shoveling food in my mouth, which is a big success.  And I think of workouts as something that have to get done instead of something to do only if I feel like it.  Progress has been slow, but I’m giving myself over to the process. Habits, workouts, assignments, DONE.

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